Q: We are a charity using music as therapy for people in need of psychological help. Will you make a contribution?
A: Our activities are confined to supporting music as an art form. They do not extend into music as therapy.

Q: We are a nationwide orchestra supporting young musicians. Will you fund bursaries?
A: We prefer to fund individuals directly but are prepared to consider bids benefiting gifted young musicians from Surrey.

Q: I am having violin lessons. Will the Trust pay for them or buy me a violin?
A: If you have a strong link with Surrey and can prove you have an exceptional musical talent, we will consider a bid.

Q: In order to qualify for Trust support, does it matter where my organisation is based?
A: The Trust's area of operations is focused on the old county of Surrey and adjacent areas, but we do occasionally consider organisations beyond these boundaries.

Q: Why are the Trust's activities limited to Surrey and adjacent areas?
A: The Trust's benefactor lived in Surrey and, with the exception of our partnerships, resources do not permit the Trust to extend its range into the rest of the country.

Q: Why do you give scholarships to students at the Royal College of Music when they, and it, are not in Surrey?
A: We have partnership arrangements with the Royal College of Music, University of Surrey, Southbank Sinfonia, the National Youth Orchestra and English National Opera. In all these cases the bursaries are managed by the organisation for the benefit of talented young musicians, not necessarily only from Surrey. In the last three cases the emphasis is on providing young musicians with a bridge into a professional career.

Q: Does the Trust support professional musicians?
A: No, but we will consider requests from schools considering bringing professionals onto their premises in support of music teaching and instrumental/voice tuition.

Q: How will I be reimbursed by the Trust?
A: If your bid is successful, you make your purchases and send proof of expenditure to us, at which point we transfer the agreed sum to your bank account.

Q: Can anyone apply?
A: Only schools, amateur choirs, orchestras and operatic societies, and musically talented individuals based in Surrey and adjacent areas.